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In This Weirdest of Weeks

By on November 11, 2016

Musings of 11/11/2016, three days after the U.S. election:

(1) A few days ago I conducted an Adama Yai session with Helene Kaye, herself an experiencer and wonderful healer in Australia. Here is part of the message I received from one of her Beings:

“What is your shadow? Only that which spurs you to greater and greater expansion. Shadowbox with it if you prefer, yet always remember to bring Light to it when you tire of the dance.”

I’d never heard it put that way. It made such sense to me and even though it was meant for her, it has helped me in this weirdest of weeks.

(2) Before now, I’d always seen each of the giant influences on my life – Bashar’s information, Dolores Cannon’s “The Three Waves of Volunteers,” Claire Heartsong’s “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” – as spurs to my moving up a level, then another.

Last night getting ready for bed, I was feeling super grateful for each upward step. Suddenly my arms lifted in front of me, then spread outward, then further out, further out.

The message was clear. There is no up and down. Only expansion expansion expansion. Or contraction. My choice. Thank you, arms, for the unexpected lesson.

(3) Speaking of Anna, as I was waking up yesterday morning, I thought of her and of her family’s challenges. Persecution by the Romans, fleeing to Egypt, crossing the Mediterranean to Gaul, then of necessity moving on to Britain. The ever-present question of physical survival every step of the long way.

And yet she, her children, her beloved grandson Yeshua, her other grandchildren, and the extended Essene community were able to hold Light through it all.

Can I – in this weirdest of weeks – do the same? Yes, I’m the Little Engine That Can. Puff, puff, I knew I could, I knew I could…

(4) Usually when I ask the Golden Reptilian Healer for help for myself or if he just thinks I need a little TLC, he folds his arms around me, scoops me into his lap and gently rocks me. I am as a little child. I’m safe, I’m loved.

During today’s meditation, as I sent Love to all humans on all sides of all issues, Light filled my entire Being. It grew and grew, then rained down onto the entire planet.

The GRH immediately strode in. Rather than embracing me, he shook my hand. Friends, Partners, Equals.

The week may have been weird but I continue onward and outward…




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