Sharon McCormick

Hybrid Children

AlbionAs more and more people are discovering, hybrid children are the multidimensional offspring of humans and extraterrestrials. They are extremely high frequency, very loving, and super fun!

Those of us involved in the hybridization program made a soul agreement before coming into this lifetime to participate in the project in order to help awaken humankind to our infinite expressions in Creation and reunite us with our galactic family.

If you find yourself attracted to the topic of the hybrid children, there’s a 99.99% chance you are involved in the hybridization program in at least one way.

Spreading the word about how wonderful these children are and helping people here on Earth discover their connections to them is my passion.

To discover more about the children and the part you might play in their lives – and vice versa – please contact me.

Sessions and Workshops

Sessions: I have interacted with people all over the world to explore the concept of the hybrid children, help them learn to connect with the kids in fun and exciting ways, and if necessary, aid them in processing any fears they might have.

  • One-on-one sessions of approximately one hour: Skype, phone or in person: $50

Workshops: I have also facilitated hybrid children workshops in several venues in Northern and Southern California and in Sedona, the Netherlands and Norway. I’m available to facilitate hybrid children workshops anywhere on Earth.

  • Workshop fees are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact to me to discuss.

Please note: The Hybrid Children sessions are a one-on-one conversation with you about the kids. As stated above,  as we explore together the concept of the hybrid children, I help you learn to connect with them in fun and exciting ways, and if necessary, aid you in processing any fears you might have. I also love hearing about your experiences.

Adama Yai is a deeper, longer process during which I go into an altered state and receive healing and messages from your guides, angels, hybrid children, whomever. First I Skype with you, then go into the altered state. Afterward I Skype with you again to share the information I received during the session. Just scroll back up and click on the Adama Yai Healing link.

I look forward to working with you in either kind of session – or both!