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What Is Adama Yai and How Does It Work?

By on October 17, 2016

Because Adama Yai Channeled Energy Healing is my own modality, people ask, “What is it, how does it work, and what does it have to do with the hybrid children?

So, with the permission of a woman living in the American Southwest who wishes to remain unnamed at this time, I’d like to offer an example.

First, the nuts and bolts of the process: It’s broken into three stages: (1) I Skype or speak on the phone with the person I’m working with (I prefer not to use the word “client”) to find out what their issues are, be they physical, emotional or spiritual. (2) While the person relaxes or goes to sleep, I go into an altered state and receive information and images from other-dimensional Beings – guides, angels, ETs, whomever. (3) I Skype or speak with him/her again to go over my notes regarding the messages I’ve received and to ask if they have any questions or comments and if they’d like to share any experiences they might have had during that part of the session.

Every session is different, of course, but what follows is one example of what can and does happen.

When we Skyped during the first stage, the woman told me about an accident she’d had many years ago, after which her neck and lower back had never been the same. She also mentioned ongoing stomach issues, plus she wanted to explore her connection to the hybrid children.

Here are my notes from the altered-state stage of the session:

I place you on my etheric table. The Golden Reptilian Healer comes in, picks you up and carries you to a healing waters bath. (As I said, it’s the first time he’s taken anyone off my table.) He lays you on a clear crystal table in the water. He asks you to turn over on your stomach.


Using a golden ladle, he pours warm soothing water onto your neck and back. It runs down to your lower back. He does this over and over until the water turns into golden light.

He pours the golden light over your entire body. He asks you to turn over onto your back, then pours the golden light over your whole body again.

He massages your feet with oil.

He places his hands on your stomach and starts toning. I enter his body. (Again, that was a first, a huge thrill for me.) Together we send warm blue light to repair your stomach lining.

Four angelic-like beings – although quasi-physical – appear on the other side of the table to help with the toning.

As it goes in, the blue light is like one being. When it gets inside your stomach, it splits into different smaller beings that go to the different parts of your stomach lining that need attention.

When they’re done, they merge back into one being which fills your entire stomach like a blue ball of light.

The GRH offers you his hand and together you walk out of the baths. It’s like he doesn’t need to carry you anymore. You don’t go back to my table.

The physical part is clearly over so I move on to the kids:

I decide to visualize the symbol you chose to use to connect to the children. (As I said, my hybrid son Jack [who appears with his card deck in the picture above] had popped into my head earlier in the day and then I knew why.)

Jack appears and says, “We like her. Let me gather some.”

Three hybrid children appear.

One is a girl around 12. Dark hair. Green eyes.

“Hi, Mom. I know Sharon already. I am May. I share your DNA.”

(This is only the second time that’s happened to me, that the person I’m working with and I have a hybrid child together. Exciting!)

May continues: “I enjoy learning Earth ways. For I have chosen to live among you soon. I am especially fascinated by your geographical variety. Few planets we have visited have such variety.”



“I and others of us wonder if that is one of the reasons there are many different what you call races on your planet. And is that a reason why humans cannot ‘get along’ with each other.”

“I like that phrase – ‘get along’.” She laughs.

If it pleases you, I would look forward to studying more about Earth with you.”

The other two children are boys. One around 14, the other around 8.

The 14 year old looks almost like Pan but without the animal legs, fur and hooves. But not as human looking as most of the children I’ve met.

He says, “I wanted you to know that although some of us do not look much like you – indeed, we look quite alien – we still love you very much and wish to interact with you for our mutual learning and benefit.”

He steps back.

The 8 year old says, “Hi, Mom.” Wispy blond hair, big blue eyes, pointed chin – not a sharp point but a rounded point.

He sing-songs: “Whenever you sing and dance and swing and prance, I will be with you. Whenever you walk on grass or drink from a glass, I will be with you. Whenever you give me a hug or chase a bug, I will be with you.”

He laughs and laughs, then blows you a kiss.

I ask for the boys’ names. “You can name us (meaning the woman),” says the 14 year old. “We would like that.”

As the three of them wave goodbye and fade backwards, May sends the thought: “We are not really leaving. We are always in contact with you. We appreciate you and we love you.”

The GRH – from the far background – also waves and sends the same thought. He fades too.

That was the end of the second stage. We Skyped again so that I could share my notes and ask what, if anything, she had experienced. She told me some of the things she had felt as she relaxed.

The next day I received this email:

“Thank you so much for the notes!

I still cannot thank you enough for your positive energy, love, your ability to do Adama Yai, and your ability to connect with our incredible healing friends and children!!

It was an incredible experience for me – my neck, back and stomach all feel amazing, and I don’t say that lightly.  It truly is a major difference for me and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL!  I am in awe of the GRH and the great kindness and love that was extended to me during the session.

cartoon-boy-singing-90691The children are amazing.  I feel their energy, and look forward to getting closer and clearer as we move forward!  Everything in the session resonates with me, and funny story, little Will’s rhyming song (I call him “Will”), just shows that he’s been with me for a while and watches me.  I DO sing and dance and swing and prance in my home (haha!), and I walk on grass with my cats in the backyard and I follow along when they chase bugs, so he’s actually just telling me that he sees me having fun at home!  I love it!!  Many hugs and kisses for Will!

The other young male, I call him “Thad” (i.e. Thaddeus,) resonates as well, because how he looks (and others) does not cause me any concern.  I want them to be themselves, and if they look dramatically different than us, well, then that’s AWESOME!  They’re all beautiful, so I’m so glad he came forward to introduce himself. I look forward to getting to know him better going forward, it feels like he is highly intelligent.

And May, what a sweetheart, with such global and galactic interests – comparing planets, people and cultures, and wanting to learn more about Earth.  Fantastic!!  She truly seems wise beyond her years.

They each bring so much love that it will be a great joy to interact with them.

This truly will be a great journey for all of us; and I know it will all unfold as it should, in its own time.”

She closed her email “With love and light” and signed her name. My love and gratitude to this warm open incredible woman, and I especially thank her for allowing me to share her experience. My huge thanks too to all who have chosen to work with their guides through me.

For my part, I remain in awe of the love and assistance that so many Beings are offering us as we move up the ladder.

My love to all of you.

As ever, my gratitude to Kesara for permission to use her artwork representing the Golden Reptilian Healer.

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