Sharon McCormick

Adama Yai Healing

Five years ago I was so involved with the hybrid children I’d never thought about doing energy work. Like so many joys in my life, I discovered this one almost by accident.

Urged by the kids to consider healing, I at first resisted. They cajoled, insisted and pushed. My hands started to heat up. I began to develop new ways of seeing and being. Visual images and auditory messages came in saying, “You’ve been offered a gift. Are you going to use it?

Adama Yai was born. I learned to play with a variety of techniques – music, movement, color and toning. By allowing energy to flow through me, I can generate a certain vibration. By consciously or subconsciously matching that frequency, you heal yourself. A co-creation of the best kind!

10481510_771690752869434_2329067579270033879_oAided by the hybrid children, Adama Yai continues to evolve. Each session is unique. Other-dimensional beings flood in to help. I’ve met a choir of angels, a very tall Mantis being, an army of elves carrying tiny pickaxes. These entities are your guides, helpers and oversoul counterparts, not mine. The messages I get are surprise gifts for you.

I love helping to facilitate well-being, not only for the person I’m working with but also because I truly believe it’s one of many ways we raise the frequencies of individuals, the collective, and Gaia herself.

Although I never set out to become a healer, nothing – except the hybrid children 🙂 – has given me more joy than my healing work.

Let the energy flow!

Please note:

Adama Yai is a deeper, longer process than the Hybrid Children session (please see below) during which I go into an altered state and receive healing and messages from your guides, angels, hybrid children, whomever. First I Skype with you, then go into the altered state. Afterward I Skype with you again to share the information I received during the session.

The Hybrid Children sessions are a one-on-one conversation with you about the kids. As we explore together the concept of the hybrid children, I help you learn to connect with them in fun and exciting ways, and if necessary, aid you in processing any fears you might have. I also love hearing about your experiences.

I look forward to working with you in either kind of session – or both!

Remote Adama Yai sessions of approximately two hours:  $75


What others say about Adama Yai Healing:

  • Miracle worker! ~Laura G.
  • What can I say about how amazing, healing and absolutely clear my session with you was!! Besides its perfectly synchronous timing, there was such incredible information for me, such love and such a connection not only to my own heart but to my hybrid kids’ hearts!! You’re an amazing woman and your work is top notch! Cannot thank you enough! Highly recommended!! ~Amy L.
  • Relaxing in bed, I suddenly felt a big shift, almost like a near-OBE experience. I felt relaxed, peaceful, in bliss. I saw Sharon’s face smiling and looking down at my energy body. I felt her healing energy, very mothering, in that high vibe way, not an Earthly way. There was gentle deep blue/green light all around, as if I was deep underwater. Sirian light. I never saw anything like it before. Then one of my hybrid kids came through to help. I woke up the next day without any pain. ~Vashta N.
  • I’ve had many sessions over the years.  Your session was as deep and meaningful as any I’ve had.  You have a gift and in expressing it will bring much healing and confirmation to those who find you.  ~Gillian L.
  • My session with Sharon was beautiful and magical. I felt a loving connection to her the entire time as I experienced a symphony of warm, soothing, healing energies and sensations. The blissful glow lasted long after the session, and now I find I am able to access the comforting sense of being loved and cared for by Sharon, my guides, and the Universe simply by recalling this experience. ~Stephanie P.
  • I was just thinking of you and how magical your healing has been for me. ~Gloria M.
  • I felt like I was levitating. My third eye is completely open. I’m buzzing! ~Bridget N.
  • Sharon’s remote healing not only left me feeling relaxed and at peace, but I could sense her healing touch. Sharon’s intuitive wisdom also provided me with insights I had not considered and led me to consider my situation from a fresh perspective. ~Lizett B.
  • Sharon has a wonderful gift and an amazing ability to connect to others. Anyone who chooses to use her services for healing will receive tremendous benefits from the session. I highly recommend her. ~Kim F.
  • I feel great inside… balanced… amazing because it’s as if a lot of stuff cleared out. ~Dannu S.